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Moving involves a tremendous amount of work. More or less you will end up tired, injured and you might have spent more than what you should. Why would you let yourself suffer? When there are moving service provider that can offer you services that will make your moving a lot easier and cheaper.

North York Mover is a reliable and reputable moving firm that specializes in doing all kind of move and offers unlimited moving services. Everything that you need is here with us. We have quality moving materials that we give for free for those who will avail of our full moving service, and we sell them also at very affordable price. We have different sizes of boxes, markers, labelling materials, cushioning, bubble wrap, special straps and many more. Our moving men are all trained and experience we can guarantee that they will finish your move quickly and damage free. They are easy to work with and they are very cautious. You can rest assure that your belongings will be safe all throughout the moving process. There are furnitures and items that need special attention and packing, we also have specialty men that can handle these kinds of belongings. You can contact us any time for free consultation and free quotes. Don’t hesitate to call or check on us.

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For more than a decade, this family owned and operated firm had been providing people with excellent and quality moving services. They are known to be one of the companies with unbeatable moving rates and reliability. No one questions their professionalism. They have staffs that are well trained, skilled and experienced.



"The whole moving experience with this company is beyond our expectation."--Chat, 29, North York
"I can’t believe such company exists. They gave me seamless move at very reasonable price."--Paul, 32, North York
"All my belongings are well taken care off. The men are experts and great movers."-- Todd, 36, North York


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